Ticket Policy


Entrance fee: RMB 50 per person

(1) Anyone who meets the following conditions are eligible for a half-price ticket:
1. Minors between the age of 6 and 18 with valid identity documents;
2. Students receiving undergraduate or lower education and holding a student's identity card (excluding students of adult education and postgraduate studies);
3. Seniors of 60 years old and above with valid identity documents.

(2) Anyone who meets the following conditions is eligible for a free ticket:
1. Children of 6 years old and below or under 130 cm in height;
2. Seniors of 70 years old and above with valid identity documents;
3. Disabled persons with a disabled person's certificate issued by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, or disabled military personnel/police officers with valid identity documents. A person accompanying a visually impaired person (Category 2 of visual impairment or above), a person disabled from waist down, a person with moderate intellectual disabilities (Category 3 of intellectual disabilities or above), and a person with psychiatric disabilities;
4. Active duty military personnel and police officers, and retired military cadres with valid identity documents;
5. Minors accompanied by any parent.

This preferential policy is formulated in accordance with LJF[2013] No.22 promulgated by the Liaoning Provincial Administration of Commodity Prices and relevant documents of Shenyang Municipal Culture, Tourism, Broadcast and Television Bureau.

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