Tour Notice


The Shenyang Imperial Palace is a key historical and cultural unit under state protection and a world cultural heritage. To ensure the safety of every visitor and the Shenyang Imperial Palace and to ensure a leisurely and pleasant tour for every visitor at the museum, please comply with the visitor notice.

1.During the visit, visitors should abide by the safety regulations of the museum to ensure the safety of ancient buildings, cultural relics, and visitors and staff.

2.It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable, explosive, and other hazardous items into the museum.

3.It is strictly forbidden to bring balloons, scooters, electric tricycles, electric wheelchairs, balance cars, and pets into the museum. Visitors should deposit any large-size luggage outside the visiting area.  

4.Smoking is prohibited across the museum, including but not limited to visiting areas, exhibition rooms, business rooms, ancient buildings, tourist centers, and toilets. Visitors who smoke against dissuasion will be punished in accordance with the Temporary Provisions of Shenyang City on Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places.

5.Photographing or filming cultural relics for purposes such as producing publications and audiovisual products should first be approved.

6.Internet-based live broadcasting should be regulated. It is strictly forbidden to release harmful information involving pornography, gambling, drugs, violence, rumors, superstition, and cult activities, as well as inappropriate speeches and behaviors that violate public order and good customs.