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Service Facilities

Number of visits: Date:2013-12-27 15:56

Working Time:
Great Qing Gate
Apr. 10th-Oct. 10th 08:30-17:30; Oct. 11th-Apr. 9th 09:00-16:30
Siwen Gate

Apr. 10th-Oct. 10th 08:30-17:30
Tour Guide Service
1-5: RMB 100; 6-10: RMB 150; 11-20: RMB 200; 21-30: RMB 260; 30+: RMB 300
Foreign Language:
1-5: RMB 200; 6-10: RMB 300; 11+: RMB 400
Address: Great Qing Gate, Siwen Gate (Apr. 10th-Oct. 10th)
Tel: 86-24-24843001-8826 (Great Qing Gate), 86-24-24843001-8827 (Siwen Gate)
Broadcasting Studio
People search, autoplay of notes, notice on closing hour and scenic spot introduction
Address: Xiqijian Palace
Tel: 86-24-24843001-8835

Tourist Service Center
Address: Great Qing Gate, Rihua Building, Siwen Gate
Security Room
Address: Xiqijian Palace
Tel: 86-24-24843001-8837

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