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Broadsword of Huang Taiji (Taizong of Qing)

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During the reign Huang Taiji in the Later Jin and Qing Dynasties (1627-1643)

Made of a compound of materials including steel and bronze. A total length of 94.5 cm. A blade of 75 cm long, 4 cm wide, and 0.6 cm thick. A handle of 15 cm long with its handle knob of 9 cm long and 8.5 cm wide. A scabbard of 77.8 cm long, 5.4 cm wide, and 1.3 cm thick.

It is shaped like a podao (a sword with a long blade and a short hilt wielded with both hands), and has a sharp blade and two grooves on its body. The broadsword's handle is wrapped by leather strips. The handle’s head is openwork with bronze-gilded golden dragon patterns, and the scabbard is made of wood and wrapped by shark skins. There are two fixed bronze rings and four bronze hoops, with each hoop being openwork with bronze-gilded golden dragon patterns. It is attached with leather strips made during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, with the inscriptions of “an imperial broadsword of Emperor Taizong, originally collected with reverence in Mukden” in Mandarin Chinese and revised Manchu (with the dots and circle).