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Scroll Painting of a Hunting Hound in Bamboo Shade by Giuseppe Castiglione in the Qing Dynasty

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During the reign of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty (1723-1735)

Painting in silk, colored sketch, and vertical scroll. The center part of the painting has a length of 246 cm and a width of 133 cm.

Two emerald bamboos interlock as they bend upward. Amid the bamboo branches are coiling bitter gourd vines with green leaves and gourds of various degrees of maturity. A black-and-white hunting hound stands under the bamboo branches and bitter gourds, showing its slim body, strong limbs, small head, long mouth, and shining eyes. Meticulous strokes were executed to depict the light and shade of the animal and plants, differentiating the yin and the yang and the foreground and background of the painting, giving a strong three-dimensional sense of the entire scenery. As a representative work of Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766), it is also a centerpiece of the Shenyang Palace Museum. The slope on the scroll’s lower right are small handwritten characters in regular script that read “Painted Respectfully by Minister Giuseppe Castiglione,” and below it is a seal mark. On the top right corner is a mark of the square imperial seal with relief characters of “Seal of Prince Yi”.