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Big Blue-and-White Porcelain Plate with Red Dragon Pattern during the Reign of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty

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During the reign of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty (1723-1735)

A height of 8.7 cm, an opening with diameter of 47.4 cm, and a bottom with diameter of 27.6 cm.

This plate features an oblique edge, ring foot, fine and smooth base texture, standardized form, and pure glaze colors. The ware is made of deep blue-and-white porcelain and red-orange colored glazes, and the inner edge of the plate shows blue-and-white sea wave patterns with some empty space, whereas the inner surface shows four red-glazed moving dragons coiled by flames and chasing each other between the blue-and-white flowing clouds. Each dragon has a unique look with distinctive features, gazing forward or backward, raising a neck or a head, resembling an elephant trunk or a fish tail, and spreading arms or wings. The plate’s center presents a red five-clawed main dragon shrouded in the seawater made with blue-and-white porcelain and chasing a red fiery pearl, while the plate’s outer edge and ring foot show blue-and-white double rings. The decorative patterns on the outer surface are completely the same with those on the inner surface. The plate’s bottom center features blue-and-white double rings, inside which are six characters that read Daqing Yongzheng nian zhi (lit. ‘made during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng’) in two lines in regular script.