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Bright Yellow Sesame-Type Satin Color-Brocade Golden Dragon Robe of the Qing Dynasty

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During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1736-1795)

Bright yellow sesame-type satin fabric. A body of 139.5 cm long, 61.8 cm wide in the middle, and 128 cm wide in the lower part, with a sleeve of 95.5 cm long, an arrow-like sleeve of 12.5 cm long, and a cuff with a diameter of 12.5 cm.

It is an auspicious robe worn by Emperor Qianlong, featuring a round collar, a large-piece lapel to the right, four sloping front pieces, and a horse-hoof-shaped cuff. The robe is embroidered with nine golden dragons and a five-colored cloud pattern, tuan (lit. ‘union’) and shou (lit. ‘longevity’) character patterns, bats (pronounced fu in Chinese symbolizing fu that means happiness), and other elements. It lacks the elements of the mountain, dragon, fire, grains of rice or millet found on traditional patterns on an emperor’s dragon robe. Among the nine golden dragons, four main dragons are respectively found on the chest, the back, and the shoulders, four moving dragons are on the front and back lapels, and one moving dragon is embroidered on the covered lapel. A look from either the front or the back reveals five dragons, referring to the “nine-five supremacy” of an emperor. The lap is embroidered with seawater near cliffs and with eight treasures facing the water. The collar, the arrow-like sleeves, and the open lapel feature the azurite blue satin material, with the colored embroidery of golden dragons with seawater and cloud patterns. The robe is adorned with four gold-plated copper buttons with the carved flower pattern.