Splendid Forbidden Palaces: Exhibition of Daily Necessities of Concubines of the Qing Imperial Palace


Venues: Western Wing Palace and Eastern Wing Palace

The system of imperial concubines of the Qing Dynasty was established, consolidated, and developed along with the Qing Dynasty. Before the Qing Dynasty settled the capital in Beijing, Huang Taiji established the system of imperial concubines and in 1636, conferred the concubines for the five palaces for the first time. It was not until the reign of Emperor Kangxi that the various systems were perfected. Dwelling in deep and secluded courtyards in the Forbidden City, the concubines lived a life spurring people’s reverie. In this exhibition, daily necessities of the concubines of the Qing Dynasty, such as the shoes and hats, accessories, make-up items, and dining utensils, are divided into four categories, that is, accessories, daily necessities, dining utensils, and displays in the palaces of imperial concubines. It has faithfully reproduced the life of the imperial concubines and showed the imperial court life and traditional emperor and concubine system of the last imperial dynasty in China.